Do I Need a Content Strategist?


Great content is concise. Serving as an informative and engaging tool for your potential clients.

Inbound content serves a double purpose in helping small business owners reach a wider audience and bring in more qualified leads.

Due to media proliferation, your content needs to cut through the noise, grab readers fleeting attention, and provide a clear purpose and impact.

This is when the expertise of a content strategist can assist you in your digital marketing efforts.

Content strategy is setting the framework for written content and design which is why it is common for a content strategist to have several fields of expertise. 

In addition to a deep understanding of editorial, marketing, and information architecture, it is crucial that your strategist understand how to optimize your content in a way to meet the unique goals of your company.

A content strategist should be capable of developing content which generates a preferred user behavior while presenting it in a user-friendly interface.


Duties and Roles of a Content Strategist

Bridge the gap: a content strategist must ultimately bridge the gap between visuals, UX, copy & overall small business marketing strategy to make sure that they‘re cohesive with the brand.

This professional conducts an audit to assess your existing content, completes a competitive analysis, and uses an SEO review to determine domain authority and define your strategy.

Only then comes creation and the leveraging of content in order to accomplish your objectives.

Look for your target audience: great content has support. Meaning it exists in the framework which supports it and then reinforces it via unrelenting consistency.

A content strategist develops personas for your brands target audience.

From there they decide how to create content which answers your readers questions. 

Engaging content accomplishes nothing when your target audience does not see it, which is why a content strategist also finds the best channels for distribution so as to get the right readers to your page.


Why Do You Need a Content Strategist?

A content strategist makes sure that all channels feature intuitive and clear navigation. That all content is on brand, and your social media channels are amplifying that content in an optimized manner unique to each outlet.

Through pinpointing the decision-makers within client groups, content will be personalized and optimized to both target and motivate the reader to a desired action.

Content strategists appreciate and anticipate the relationship between images, words and media, ensuring that all components of a brands digital presence work together in order to create continuity and an aesthetically pleasing digital experience.


How to Develop a Content Strategy

  1. Create your vision, confirming your purpose in each goal.
  2. Set clear, timely and measurable benchmarks.
  3. Understand and create a visual map of your target audience.
  4. Develop your style guide, setting the tone for how your brand is perceived while remaining authoritative yet approachable.
  5. Create your editorial calendar defining silos, topics, keywords, publish dates and urls.
  6. Identify where your target audience lives digitally.
  7. Create a posting schedule for your social strategy.
  8. Test, analyze and repeat. 

Creating content is normally not the issue. Instead challenges typically arise around creating a spectrum of high quality content which is engaging and relevant.

This is the type of content that will advance your business goals and ultimately your bottom line.

So, how do B2B marketers find success? By taking a personalized approach to their marketing and hiring a content strategist.