Does Influencer Marketing Really Work?

In every business, marketing plays a central role in ensuring meaningful connections are made, brand awareness is increased, and ultimately long-term financial success is achieved.

Though inbound has made marketing less brand-centric, many businesses are now seeing the value of a new kind of word-of-mouth marketing via influencers. 

Having key leaders authentically back your company allows you to drive your brand message to their audience as well.. 

By choosing a leading authority within your industry whose reputation and interests align with your brands values, you are able to provide potential clients a trustworthy recommendation.


Influencer marketing uses ‘word of mouth’ advertising

Influencer marketing is essentially a targeted message being shared with friends, family and followers.

Small businesses may have difficulty gaining exposure within a larger market if they do not implement an all encompassing marketing strategy.

Often times they are drowned out by those with larger budgets and already established positions within their industry.

Think about how many products and services you have seriously considered (or even purchased) based off of the referral of a friend or family member. 


Why is influencer marketing so effective?

Influencer marketing is effective because these carefully selected thought-leaders use their voices to advertise the brand’s message, relaying how it relates to their own personal brand and amplifying it all via social media.

This strategy works because the content is original, authentic, and enticing to those already trusting your chosen brand ambassador.

Relationships otherwise missing in traditional advertising are developed, platforms built, and eventually loyalty is acquired.

Furthermore, because of the power of influencers, their own followers (and your potential future customers) are more likely to share their content which helps in spreading your message.

If you have a small business and are looking for an effective way to market yourself, using influencer marketing as part of your content strategy allows you maximum reach. 

Boston Content Strategy can connect you with a local, reliable influencer whether your need be general lifestyle, niche fitness, food, or fashion.