4 Seasonal Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Though seasonal marketing has different processes, there will always be a season/holiday for your business to align it's marketing to. 

Whether it's a "spring clean" offer, loving gesture by way of an exclusive discount to your top clients in the month of February, or back to school offer.

Don't miss out on opportunities to provide value all twelve months of the year. 

Below are things to keep in mind when crafting any campaign:


Each Offer Should Provide Value & Drive Trust

Incorporate links that are only directly related to what you are promoting.

The provided link should be intended for what you're promoting and allow a reader to spread the news about your article, website, and ultimately, your product and/or services.

Strive to provide purely inbound content in every article you publish on behalf of your brand.


Know Your Target Audience

It's necessary that you know why your audience has interest in exploring your website as to allow you to anticipate any possible needs that your readers may have. 

Why were they searching for this particular article? What other related pain points could you be addressing in this same article (or a follow up one) to keep them on or returning to your page?


Transparency is important for building loyalty

Give your readers a transparent and honest disclosure. 

Avoid promised benefits of a particular product or service, opting instead to make the entirety of the focus on the reader from start to finish.

Shifting this focus helps visitors connect and see your brand as less inwardly focused. 


Be Strategic in All Selections

It is given that there are a number of content services and content products you would like to promote in all of your content.

But instead of quantity, focus on quality. Which product or service is the most developed, and has a proven track record of satisfaction among existing clients? 

That is the product or service you're likely to be able to build the most content around.


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Georgina Castellucci